Hello there! I'm a self-taught artist with a fervor for pushing boundaries and venturing into new artistic mediums. As of June 2023, I've been deeply engaged in the digital art world for over two decades, crafting pieces that harmoniously blend the abstract with the tangible. About three years ago, I ventured into acrylics, instantly enamored by the rich colors and intriguing textures it provided. However, my artistic journey didn't halt there. I've recently plunged into the captivating world of AI generative art, a thrilling, unexplored frontier where art and technology converge. I'm absolutely exhilarated to be part of this innovative movement. My work mirrors my ongoing exploration and learning, and I'm eager to share it with you. So, why not join me on this vibrant journey? I also love to share news and intriguing discoveries in the areas that captivate me the most: art, music, and technology and science. If these are your interests too, hit the Twitter logo to follow me and explore the fresh and exciting content that I find fascinating.